The Prologue, A Far Off Dimension

Monty awoke, after floating unconscious through time and countless dimensions, with a banging headache, the previous 24 hours a complete blur. He woke up in a gutter, outside a strange place called Moles, staring face to face with himself, from this random dimension

Find out what happens next in god, Monty & 'the man'...


Please reference below for all dumb lyrics*

*1st half of Imaginary Friend written by Monty & chorus of Feel Free written by Benno

All songs mixed & mastered by DAN FRESHER with help from Benno


Beat by Shy Kid Nation // feat. The Sunday Child & Rob Beresford

The Sunday Child

In 2019, there was case study carried out, researching a young boy named Monty.

Monty was peculiar to say the least, but he had a pure heart and dreams concocted over time, forming bigger than the sky.

He liked girls, he liked boys, he especially liked animals. But most importantly, he just wanted to feel free.

The next few minutes are a collection of data regarding Monty's arrival, his time in this place,  and his departure. Revere in his struggles, revel in his experience, and be prepared to reflect on your own.


Verse 1 //


Step up to the club like Moles or summin'

I'm feelin' cold and frisky like the Everest summit

Get a whisky i'll get limp dick give these girls a ruckus

'Less Robert wants to grope in which case, i'm all for it

AND WE ENTA, the bouncers glare but we not stoppin'

I'm squeaking past them moonwalk in my yeezys poppin'

We go downstairs to snort and drink our cares to death

The fucked up generation kindly welcomes Fresh, feel like a pop star


Chorus // Rob:


FRESHER, FRESHER, you on that silly shit

You'd be king of the world if your brain weren't split

The pressure, Fresher, you on that stupid shit

You a waste to this world, you a waste to this world

FRESHER, FRESHER, you on that silly shit

You'd be king of the world if your brain weren't split

The pressure, Fresher, you on that stupid shit

You a waste to this w-FUCK

Verse 2 //


I groove to the sound of Abba's music

These brain cells getting old I might as well just lose 'em

I'm next to the booth feelin' loose, don't like what I see

Cause DJs slither when they move, don't want your dirty streams mate


And look, I aint being genre-ist, but as far as heckin' students go they follow what their twitter says, I'm bound to fuckin' snap against these ankle showing hipster kids but until then

- 'woah sorry, back to the club'


I'm feelin' like a sexy robot, 5th drink in begin to grind and lose my focus

I fake control the way I move my butts autistic, i'm allowed to say it cause I got the badge to prove it

Rob: (you can't say that maaan)


Got a fever from the Dancing Queen

I feel I need to pop me something small and sweet

The drugs they're never working anymore for me

So I head to the loo, insert them anally, feel like a pop star



FRESHER, FRESHER, you on that silly shit

You'd be king of the world if your brain weren't split

The pressure, Fresher, you on that stupid shit

You a waste to this world, you a waste to this world

FRESHER, FRESHER, you on that silly shit

You'd be king of the world if your brain weren't split

The pressure, Fresher, you on that stupid shit

 You a waste to this world

and nobody loves you man.


The Sunday Child:

Fresher steps out into the moonlight to breath in the cold air

He texts Robert to say that he's leaving, feeling dazed from the previous bass heavy drops of Take a Chance on Me

In the corner by the drain, he sees a young boy with pixelated glasses, looking out of his damn mind, on the floor

The young boy jumps up and grabs him by the shoulder, in a firm but entrancing embrace, shouting, his name is MONTY.


I  c a n ' t   f e e l   m y   d i c k h o l e


The Sunday Child:

Then Monty says

'I'm you from another dimension, time and space is torn in places F, did I mention?

That I'm here to fuckin' warn you about life itself, cause man it's tougher than hell

And yeah we both need some help

But at the end of the day, if you do what you love, and you try not to rush, and don't listen to lust

Then you'll find some real sanctum, and peace and tranquility

Cause Peter Quill didn't get so cool without paying a fee

You got the dreams of a titan, the heart of a warrior

The body of a pussy, there's no need to hurry up

Stick to your friends Fresh, and you'll be just fine

Cause I burnt my home planet, and I lost all of mine'

imaginary friend

Prod. by & Monty Willoughby feat. Monty Willoughby, Andee Liu & Chris Nesbitt //

// Monty:

Sit down, I can't tell you how to feel

Tight lip, struggle all you want to believe

Wholesome, saturated apathy

White rum, and dope just makes it hard to believe

Chorus //

Why is the time slower at your pace?

Keep it in mind, this is a 

Space ship, soaring, through a aorta, ruthless head fuck, iiiiiii

Verse 2 //

Your face, it's hard to see you clearly through a 

Thick haze, a mindfully constructed disease

Come down, the waters warm and deeper than you

Thought huh, i'm fine just shut the door as you leave

Chorus //

Are you alive, or are you dreaming?

Full, of the life that you are

Leading down this, dead end corridor, to a house where

You will stay foreverrr

Verse 3 // Fresh:

And the question is harmonious, when I ask it does it sound right like an ocean, with a sunrise? and

Are the notes and the tone fulfilling this? Every detail, every wave crash on the crushed sand will it land right? and

She loves you like an angel in a hurricane, least that’s what my boys in the boyband say

I just haven’t met her yet, but she’s out there and she’s blonde haired and she’s self aware i’ll stop and stare and choke right there, when I see her

Feel her aura, just like Rita

I’ll adore her, i’ll speed to queen her

I’m trippin’ up the steps to be her rightful king and

In an ideal situation, she’d be prone to singin’

Feeling something new and lustful, brand, it’s rustling round the corner, sober tongued it’s never forced, awaken love it’s protocol, i’d be done

But I know that you exist and boy you’re fun. As a friend girl, never miss ya

I get backwards in my mental thoughts they’re fallacy (for real)

Exhaust my thoughts till i’ve got nothing left (Ian Beal)

Saved my best rhymes for you in the future

Compared to your confidence, i’m a damn blooper

But I’m just warming up, like the ocean briefly touched,

at the start of this last verse

Similes don’t suck, soliloquies are better, one day i’ll propel ya

Microsoft excel ya, its large and hard to tell ya, downstairs

inappropriate, i would like to apologise

I’m getting excited about this one who’ll surprise me in the future

She don’t exist don’t lose her, daydream and then cocoon her

Burst from the seams profusely, butterfly to cavendishia (what the fuck is a cavendishia?)


You are the lighthouse in the dark, you’re my beacon baby

You’re my imaginary friend, don’t call me crazy

When I meet her, i'll believe. But without her, lost at sea. We will cross eyes... And then be free.


Beat by Alejandro Invernizzi // feat. Ayesha Tizard

??? Fresh // Monty ???:

I ain't slept in like 48, my body aches and day to day it's funny

when you're late and can't put on the brakes and stay in your lane

Is it a lag in the brain? If you've ever felt pain the chant 'for real'

(for real)


And i'm a fuckin' parody it sort of saddens me, this music I make

Can't be perceived, received and seriously? Another white kid

I'm just a clone in a grid, so what I say is a myth, like it's not real

(for real)


I   j u s t   w a n n a   g e t   s o m e


Chorus // Yeesh:


Look at this time and space, locked within this space

You feel it girl? It's evil yeah

An acidic:insomniac


Verse 2 //


My mothers DNA is latched upon and scratching into me,

And maybe that's the reason that this mind will never smile or sleep

I am bored of this world, lemme get out or i'll hurl

Disadvantaged from day one and that's the deal (for real)


I wish i'd finally get there, I just want some bed hair

It's turned to 7:07am my life is tired and unfair 

Trailing the line, between sane and asylum

Time is dragged throughout the night and nothing's real


I   j u s t   w a n n a   g e t   s o m e ,    sleep


Chorus // Yeesh:


Look at this time and space, locked within this space

You feel it girl? It's evil yeah

An acidic:insomniac


Monty, this is the voice of god and

Monty, this   t o r t u r e   is for fun and

Monty, why can't you ever fall asleep

It's cause i'm  m e s s i n g  with you man, you're just a


I'm the one who gives you terrors in the night

The dreams we don't discuss, i'll make you fear the mornin' light

Cause I am god, you mother f*ckin' f*ck you till I die, I am god.

Why you actin' so surprised? and

Every time you cried because you never sleep

You curl up in a ball and scream inside till you can't breath *uuuurrrhx*

You think it's only your fault you can't sleep, it's on me

And slowly f*ck your mental health, it's weak and

You should've believed in me, and that's on you

You could've believed in anything or anyone and face the truth

f*ck all the little mortals with their praying and their faith

If only they discovered the divine one is a fake

You wanna know why third-world starving countries is a thing?

Tsunamis that cause death, oh please, I thrive on suffering

I created the world and I'm filling the void with destruction whilst I sing

Specifically for you whilst everybody's dreaming

I'll make sure you deteriorate no matter what the season HA


feel free

Beat by Shy Kid Nation // feat. Saint Loe

Fresh //

Used to medicate myself on the weekly

Cause feelings don’t discuss unless you’re one of the weak, see?

Another victim of this ozone prone to that

testosterone type mentality

I’ll try lay it out with the basics, cause growing from

a boy to a man is just lame shit

this modern days a judgement, I never used to suss it 

back when I packed some sadness for existing

I was young, maybe 8 maybe 9, never timed anything right 

I would scrap and I would fight

just to get into the light before I could rhyme

If that’s the way it’s supposed to be then I do wanna know this me

I would fake the thought the football was fun

Play the game with other little losers that run

They’d love all the sport, I hate what they taught

And damn son I would never fit in till I was tall


But then that day never came, I would rag on this brain why can’t you be someone who’s mildly sane

A little manly for sure, just grab the reeboks and shorts and it’ll surely work out, if it weren’t so forced

I’d go back tonight, tell the lil Freshman he’ll be alright if you just ignore the signs, masculinity lies

Be yourself if you’re weird, be yourself all the time and that’s fine

Chorus // Benno:

You don't get to tell me what I need

What would you give up to just feel free?

Verse 2:


I’m done with the tardiness

Flash back in the tardis to present day is glorious 

Or at least it would be if the young were free

We’ve blossomed in the age of a n x i e t y

There’s so much pressure on these boys and girls to stand up

and stick to schedules, we turn mental, you go ape shit

I turn menstruel, i’m at the side of the lines chewing this pencil

Scribble it down, cause the human race is way to fast and too loud

We’ve not evolved to hunch all over a desk, getting gradually depressed at this capitalist fest but

I’m just shedding the light

We should work hard at things that we love is our right

But you get caught in the wheel, untaught how to feel, the that cant express themselves don’t feel real

To be creative is to announce yourself done

I just wanna make stuff that makes me feel love

You can never take time to appropriate those funds

Work a fuckin' 9 to 5 and have no fun

The older me is hopefully

a healthier collection of a human beings certainty 

So sing it with me, i'm singing for real, spreading some compassion, and just cop me your feels and stand proud

Chorus //

Beat by Shy Kid Nation //

'the man'


Beat by Shy Kid Nation //

feat. The Sunday Child

'the man':

I'm 'the man', I can do what I want

I brought you to this world just to have me some fun

And imma be there, when you drop dead and you die

But until then, lets spin me some lies haha

We all know the governments bad

I reside in their greed, and i'll hide in their ad

Vertisements, tarnish then refurbish them

Give 'em second homes and homeless kids some crumbs and a slum

I run your simulatrix baby

I'm in every single morning that you wake up lazy

And I'd get you right on track if you weren't creative

But you think that you make art, so I regulate it

The house of commons is a ruckus

And your aspirations suck and all your ****** friends are stuck

It's because of me you're crippled with fear

And your panic attacks are tragic and stagnant

I'm always there

I'm 'the man', I can do what I want

I'mma hide inside the paper in times new roman font and look

I'm inside that dark dementia that your grandmas taken ill

My creation

Put brown stains on ya tooth

I bullied the kids shootin' up schools in America too

I put the guns there in the 1st place, but don't you get political

Cause D A M N you are a rare case

I formed the taxes to bind you

I will hinder and I will find you

Can't hide from what's inside you

Do you feel compromised yout?

There is something deep inside the human kind

I'll plant the seed and reap the lies

Don't you think it's sketchy you're perplexed and imma flex

And fillin' the cheques for all these dirty little politicians

And give you eargasms

Please and thank you while your suckin' on my dick

And Donald, waddles

The perfect kinda puppet placed upon my finger

Pull the trigger, there's a nuke around the corner

Better hide yourself

'the man' is in the house and he despises yourselves

And Fresh & Monty, i'm sorry but if you cross me 

I will crush the NHS and I will rip you up to shreds

And if you try to run away to another dimension

No pensions are mentioned wherever i'm sanctioned

I'll chase you... I feel in the mood to erase you

FUCK the system, shines and glistens, I mean business

Cataclysmic, kings & peasants... Will die upon the floor

It's unpleasant (you  owe  me  rent,  cunt) 


The Sunday Child:

Fresh and Monty sit in silence, as they gaze over a worn out Twerton

The sun sets over crooked trees and broken homes

They glance at each other, and both pop that final pill

Waiting to feel alive like the sun will feel

Every single day  from now

Until it goes cold and fades on us

As everything does

Then Monty states:

Fresh, I've been waiting, i've been holdin' off and yes

Eventually it would come where i'd stop rest

And i'd leave you here today

To face all of the trouble, stand your ground and i'm away

Cause man there's guilt... I need to go back home and build my home

Cause the last one wasn't great and i'm irate

I am tripped out with regret, my dimension, my old planet

Crushed to dust with blood and sweat

And I will build a new existence, a meaningful subsistence

From the seeds of this broke earth

A brand new solar system

And it helps that I don't listen

When they tell me it'll be hard

The mistakes of your own world

Forgotten, in the past

The Sunday Child:

A sense of well being floats over them both

Despite the night getting darker

Then Monty gets up, the sky opens up

A white light is formed, a sound like thunder

And then he leaves. A single star fades to black in the distance.


©2019 Dan Fresher.

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